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Dossier COD/2010/0208

Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Directive 2001/18/EC as regards the possibility for the Member States to restrict or prohibit the cultivation of GMOs in their territory This document is subject to subsidiarity check. Deadline: 14 October 2010  Comments from the European Commission concerning opinions from national parliaments

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Scrutiny date: 23/11/2010

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Passed on to the Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Food. The document has been discussed at its 15th extraordinary meeting of 4 November 2010.
At its 74th meeting of 12 November 2010 the Committee on EU Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the following Position:
Slovenia advocates finding solutions, which would enable Member States to decide on the production of EU approved genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on their territory. Moreover, it is of the opinion that it is necessary to maintain uniform policy on GMOs at the EU level. The proposal, drafted by the European Commission, gives the Member States the legislative option to decide on cultivation of authorized GMO, but it doesn’t indicates the explicit criteria how to decide on the production of approved GMOs on their territory. It highlights the need for further attention to the potential transboundary impact of GMO production. Slovenia is also of the opinion that for effective discussion of the Commission's proposals the conclusions adopted in 2008 by the Environment Council should be fulfilled. Furthermore, because of necessary alignment with the EU Treaties and international agreements we strongly advocate for the need to develop and define clear criteria on which Member States may prohibit or restrict the production of approved GMOs in all or part of their territory.

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