Swedish Parliament

Dossier COD/2010/0273

Proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on attacks against information systems and repealing Council Framework Decision 2005/222/JHA This document is subject to subsidiarity check. Deadline: 01 December 2010

Scrutiny Information

Scrutiny date: 16/11/2010

Subsidiarity Concern:

No Important information to exchange

No Veto

Information on parliamentary scrutiny

The Committee decided on the matter on 16 November 2010. The Committee found the draft to be in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity. The Committee informed the Chamber on this decision via an extract from the minutes of the relevant meeting.
There was a dissenting opinion from the Left Party.
The Committee delibarated with the Government on 9 December 2010.
The Moderate Party, The Liberal Party, The Centre Party, The Sweden Democrats and the Christian Democratic Party shared the government's position.
There was a dissenting position from the Social Democratic Party, The Green Party and the Left Party.
Referred to the Committee on Justice on 21 October 2010. The Committee will examine whether the draft is in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity. The Committee will report on its findings to the Chamber.

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