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Dossier COD/2010/0385

Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL establishing a common organisation of agricultural markets and on specific provisions for certain agricultural products (Single CMO Regulation) This document is subject to subsidiarity check. Deadline: 8 March 2011

Scrutiny Information

Scrutiny date: 11/03/2011

Subsidiarity Concern:

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Information on parliamentary scrutiny

Scrutiny by the Committee on Agriculture and food production with observations by the Committee on Eu policies
On 16 february the Committee on Eu policies issued favourable observations on the proper identification of the legal base and the respect of the principle of subsidiarity with remarks on the principle of  proportionality and  on the illimitate duration of the delegation of powers to the European Commission (text in Italian and in English).

The Committee on Agriculture voted a resolution on 9 march 2011 (text in Italian)

Lisbon Treaty procedures
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29/09/2011 | Reply to Italian Senate COM20100799

15/03/2011 |

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