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Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending certain legislative acts in the domain of agricultural and fishery statistics

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Subsidiarity deadline: 31/01/2013
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Scrutiny date: 29/01/2013

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Information on parliamentary scrutiny

On 18 December 2012, the Bureau of the Joint Committee for EU Affairs decided to appoint a rapporteur to examine the compliance of the initiative with the principle of subsidiarity.

Lisbon Treaty procedures
  Reasoned opinion

29/01/2013 | Reasoned Opinion 1/2013 of 29/01/2013 on COM (2012) 724 final

On 29 January 2013, the Joint Committee for EU Affairs adopted a Resolution regarding the compliance of the initiative with the principle of subsidiarity. The Resolution states that the respect of the said principle has NOT been duly ensured by the European Commission as laid down by the Treaties.

"For this proposal to comply with the Treaties, the delegations to the European Commission for the implementation of legislative acts of the Union should be adjusted. More specifically, we recommend the exercise of delegated powers to be restricted to non essential elements of legislative acts to be implemented and the said delegations should necessarily be exercised within a fixed deadline".

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