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Proposal for a Regulation on promoting the free movement of citizens and businesses by simplifying the acceptance of certain public documents in the European Union and amending Regulation (EU) No 1024/2012

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Subsidiarity deadline: 25/06/2013
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Scrutiny date: 11/07/2013

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Passed on to the Committee on Justice. The document has been discussed at its 29th extraordinary meeting of 9 July 2013.


And at it's 68th meeting of 11 July 2013 the Committee on EU Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the following Position:


The Republic of Slovenia supports the efforts to eliminate disproportionate mechanisms and administrative formalities, and to eliminate unnecessary costs borne by the citizens when exercising their rights, particularly in the cases containing cross-border elements where procedural requirements and costs are higher mainly due to insufficient knowledge of the legal system of the other country or a lower level of trust in the foreign legal system. Considering the fact that European legal acts concerning the judicial cooperation in civil matters have already eliminated the necessity to legalize judicial decisions, which are also public documents, it was thus a logical step to ensure a simplified use of other public documents. The Republic of Slovenia has concluded bilateral agreements with several Member States, eliminating or simplifying the legalization of public documents. Therefore, it will devote its attention also to achieve that the existing standards would not be lowered, mainly as regards the timeframe, and that good practices will be observed particularly by introducing the e-Apostille system. The proposal should only refer to administrative cooperation, since if extended to judicial procedures it might raise numerous questions and interfere with a well-functioning system.  

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