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Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL On the production and making available on the market of plant reproductive material (plant reproductive material law)

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Subsidiarity deadline: 02/07/2013
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Scrutiny date: 18/10/2013

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Passed on to the Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, Food and Environment. The document has been discussed at its 31st extraordinary meeting of 16 October 2013.

And at it's 78th meeting of 18 October 2013 the Committee on EU Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the following Position:

The Republic of Slovenia in principle supports the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the production and making available on the market of plant reproductive material (hereinafter: Regulation), leading to  modernisation, simplification, and better understanding of the relevant law compared to hitherto regulations.

The Republic of Slovenia welcomes the novelties brought about by the Regulation, among which the inclusion of new plant varieties, heterogeneous material, and material for niche markets, as well as the checking of permanent value for cultivation and use. According to Slovenia, the above importantly contributes to reviving locally characteristic or traditional forms of agricultural production and to the conservation of plant genetic sources and thus biodiversity in agriculture. Nevertheless, as regards the solutions proposed by the Regulation, Slovenia will strive to achieve that specific issues be regulated at the level of the Member States considering local or national specifics. The Republic of Slovenia in principle supports the integration of plant reproductive material of all varieties in the Regulation, including the plant reproductive material of forest tree varieties. Slovenia believes that if forest reproductive material is used for other purposes than production in forestry, specific rules should be set for such varieties, particularly as regards traceability and labelling. In the light thereof, Slovenia will strive to achieve that Member States continue to be able to introduce severer or additional criteria for the approval of basic material and supplement the list of forest tree varieties with additional varieties and artificial hybrids that are important for sustainable forest management in individual Member States.

The Republic of Slovenia will also strive to achieve that administrative burdens and costs will not significantly increase for those providers for which the regulations in force do not apply and those dealing with material that has not been regulated so far.

The Republic of Slovenia will strive to achieve that – to ensure greater clarity and easier implementation of legislation – the Regulation include as much as possible the solutions from the existing regulations that already provide for well functioning systems in the field of production and making available on the market of plant reproductive material, and comply with the relevant internationally adopted rules and standards.

For such reason, the Republic of Slovenia will strive to achieve an adequate balance in conferring powers on the Commission for the adoption of delegated and implementing acts. Particularly as regards the power to adopt delegated acts, Slovenia will require that these are clearly defined in terms of content and scope of power, and limited in terms of time. The Republic of Slovenia finds it equally important that the Commission – while discussing the basic Regulation – informs the Member States of the plans concerning the content of delegated acts and includes in the drafting thereof experts from the Member States.

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