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Scrutiny date: 18/10/2013

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Passed on to the Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, Food and Environment. The document has been discussed at its 31st extraordinary meeting of 16 October 2013.

And at it's 78th meeting of 18 October 2013 the Committee on EU Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the following Position:

The Republic of Slovenia supports that official controls in the fields of food and feed law, the food and feed safety regulations at all stages of production and processing, including the rules aimed at guaranteeing fair practices in trade and protecting consumer interests, animal health and animal welfare rules, rules concerning the residues of veterinary medicinal products, animal by-products, rules concerning animal plant health, plant reproductive material and plant protection products are newly regulated in the Regulation on official controls.

The Republic of Slovenia will strive for the Regulation on official controls to maintain the currently prescribed professional standards of control in the area of animal health and animal welfare.

The Republic of Slovenia also expects that the Regulation on official controls will take the utmost account of particular features specific to the area of plant reproductive material, plant protection products and protective measures against the organisms harmful to plants in accordance with the international conventions and standards.

The Republic of Slovenia believes that it is more relevant to preserve the content of official controls over pesticide application equipment in the existing sector-specific legislation than partly regulating it in this Regulation.

The Republic of Slovenia supports in principle the proposed solution that official controls and other official activities are financed from fees paid by enterprises which are subject to control, and supports also that mandatory fees are extended to cover all areas of control. The Republic of Slovenia estimates that the proposed solution for exempting micro-enterprises from paying the fees does not ensure the equality and justice in financing official controls.

The Republic of Slovenia will strive to achieve an adequate balance in conferring powers on the Commission for the adoption of delegated and implementing acts. It will request, particularly as regards the powers for adopting delegated acts, that these are clearly defined in terms of content and scope of power, and that the power conferred for a delegated act is limited in time. In this respect, the Republic of Slovenia will strive for incorporating essential elements into the basic Regulation. Moreover, the Republic of Slovenia finds it equally important that the Commission – while  discussing the basic Regulation – informs the Member States of the plans regarding the content of the delegated acts and includes in the drafting thereof experts from the Member States.

The Republic of Slovenia would like to note that all regulations from the "Smarter rules for smarter food" package must be in compliance, particularly as regards the definition of terms, the implementation of prescribed control procedures and the issuing of the prescribed documents. Regulations must not cast doubt on the application of the provisions of a specific regulation in individual official controls. Also, there should be no room for doubt as to the issuing of documents for the same goods under different regulations, while the combining of documents should be made possible.

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