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Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Directive 2013/34/EU as regards disclosure of income tax information by certain undertakings and branches

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Subsidiarity deadline: 15/06/2016
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Scrutiny date: 13/05/2016

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02/08/2016 | Reply to Bundesrat - COM20160198

13/05/2016 | Scrutiny results - COM20160198

The Bundesrat calls to take sorrow that the coexistence of public and non-public reporting does not hollows out and weaken measures of country-by-country reporting which are in accordance with the standards set out by the OECD. A successful international implementation of OECD-recommendations has priority. By the same, it calls to ensure sufficiently the respect of certain interests of reporting corporations. In particular, the protection of business secret must be assured.

The Bundesrat calls for modifications of the draft Directive in order to keep reporting obligations for corporations feasible, especially as far as sub companies or branch establishments are concerned. Also, it calls to assure synchronized ganging of content and form of reporting on income tax and country-by-country reporting, in order to minimize additional administrative burden for concerned corporations.

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