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Scrutiny date: 28/10/2016

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The Committee on Finance and Monetary Policy discussed the proposal at its 66th extraordinary meeting of 19 October 2016.

And at it's 103rd meeting of 28 October 2016 the Committee on EU Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the following Position:

The Republic of Slovenia welcomes the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulations (EU) No 1316/2013 and (EU) 2015/1017 as regards the extension of the duration of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) as well as the introduction of technical enhancements for that Fund and the European Investment Advisory Hub. Slovenia welcomes the Commission's proposal to extend the duration, increase the volume and expand the areas of the EFSI, as well as to bring it in line with the period of the Multiannual Financial Framework (by 2020). The Proposal foresees to restrict EFSI-supported investments in motorways to cohesion countries only, which is indeed welcomed by Slovenia, yet the conditions for such should be lessened so that cohesion countries can combine the EU guarantee not only with the financing from private investors. Slovenia also believes that the Investment Plan for Europe is achieving results, but it is necessary to ensure that projects from all Member States, including those with less developed financial markets, are involved in the operation of the EFSI as evenly as possible. It is necessary to define appropriate targets for an indicative geographic dispersion and restriction of concentration. Considering the limited resources, it is necessary to ensure that, in supporting projects under EFSI, account is taken of the principle of additionality, namely through support to projects that would otherwise not be realised, clearer selection criteria, greater transparency in the selection of projects and/or selection of economically viable and otherwise quality projects. Regarding investments in the energy efficiency of public buildings, it is necessary to ensure a proper consideration thereof in accordance with the Eurostat methodological rules and of their impact on the general government deficit and debt.

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