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Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Regulations (EU) No 1316/2013 and (EU) No 283/2014 as regards the promotion of Internet connectivity in local communities

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Subsidiarity deadline: 30/11/2016
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Scrutiny date: 16/12/2016

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15/05/2017 | Reply to Bundesrat - COM20160589

16/12/2016 | Scrutiny results - COM20160589

Concerning the proposed regulation with regard to the promotion of internet connectivity in local communities, the Bundesrat welcomes in principle the proposal, aiming to provide high capacity wireless internet connectivity in communities. The Bundesrat supports the idea of each citizen having the right of access to a functional and affordable internet connection as such access facilities are offering considerable benefits for citizens. However, the Bundesrat is of the view that Wi-Fi-networks in public space must grant simultaneously open access for users but also a reliable legal framework and limited liability for access providers. Obligations of registration or encrypting, as proposed by the ECJ in its judgement in the case Mc Fadden vs. Sony Music Entertainment (Case C-484/14), would stunt the development of area-wide coverage and detain people to use public Wi-Fi. The Bundesrat is convinced that the Commission's aim to promote a fast and area-wide covering proliferation of open Wi-Fi-access would be significantly accelerated when access provider would obtain an extensive access-provider-privilege.

At the same time, the Bundesrat is sceptic whether the foreseen amount for subsidies will be creating sufficient leverage effect for the development of public Wi-Fi. As for the conditions for support, the Bundesrat calls to enable communities, providing already public low-capacity network access, also being eligible for support in developing broader and faster internet access.

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