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COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL A Europe that protects: an initiative to extend the competences of the European Public Prosecutor's Office to cross-border terrorist crimes A contribution from the European Commission to the Leader's meeting in Salzburg on 19-20 September 2018.

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Scrutiny date: 11/07/2019

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No Veto

Information on parliamentary scrutiny

Referred to the Committee on Justice for examination.

The Committee has presented an account of its examination of the document in statement 2018/19:JuU19 Ett EU som skyddar: ett initiativ för att utsträcka Europeiska åklagar-myndighetens befogenheter till att även omfatta gränsöverskridande terroristbrott to the Chamber.

The statement has been debated and decided upon on by the Chamber. Consideration concluded with the Chamber putting the statement on file.

The Commission's reply to the statement from the Swedish Parliament has been received.

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