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Scrutiny date: 06/02/2019

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Information on parliamentary scrutiny

The documents No. 13696/18, 14328/18 and 15011/18 were submitted to the Chamber of Deputies on 10/26/2018.

The Committee for European Affairs decided on 11/7/2018 by its Resolution No. 162 to deliberate on the documents and appointed the Member Mr. Jan Zahradník as rapporteur.

The Committee for European Affairs at its 23rd meeting on 2/6/2019 by Resolution No. 186


                1. takes into account the presented documents and notes that they do not provide new objectives in the climate change;

                  2. takes into account the Czech Government’s Framework Position on the presented documents;

                  3. does not support, in accordance with the Government’s Framework Position, an increase of EU targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions untill the year 2030;

                  4. supports the Czech Government’s Framework Position that the EU itself cannot ensure the stabilisation and decrease in global greenhouse gas emissions, therefore, is the need to take into account that the transition to a low-emission economy must be achieved in a cost-effective, technologically neutral and sustainable manner. This transition may not have a significant negative impact on the Member States economies, the competitiveness of their industry, the social field and must not endanger its safety;

                  5. in accordance with its previous resolutions, points out that any of the obligations accepted at EU level must not weaken the sovereign right of Member States to determine the conditions for exploiting its energy resources and the determination of the energy mix;

                  6. supports the Government’s Framework Position that nuclear power must be explicitly mentioned in the framework of the (seven) of the strategic elements of the path to a low carbon economy;

                  7. supports the Czech Government’s Framework Position that the European Commission should explaine the process of follow-up to the Communication Clean planet for all, where this Communication will be transferred to a specific low-carbon development strategy, which the EU has to submit on the basis of The Paris agreement in the year 2020;

                  8. calls on the Government to examine with the utmost care those scenarios that would at the national level lead to higher emission reduction, or where appropriate, to achieve carbon neutrality, including the mapping of technical and socio-economic aspects of these scenarios;

                  9. supports the Czech Government’s Framework Position, in the fact that the EU should pay more attention to adaptation to climate change;

                  10. authorizes to advance the documents along with the resolution and Government’s Framework Positions to the Committee on Economic Affairs and to the Committee Environment for information.

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