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Scrutiny date: 13/03/2020

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13/03/2020 | Scrutiny results - COM20200027

The Bundesrat welcomes the intent of the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council to organize a Conference on the Future of Europe. The Bundesrat shares the Commission's assessment that in view of the current challenges the time is ripe to give a new impetus to European democracy. At the same time, however, the Conference on the Future of Europe should not raise unrealistic expectations, especially among citizens, which cannot be fulfilled.

The Bundesrat strongly supports a conference in which citizens with different opinions are heard and involved. Discussing European matters at the citizen level is the right approach.

In order to reflect European diversity, the Bundesrat views that the conference must be open to participation not only by civil society, the EU institutions and other important EU bodies such as the Committee of the Regions, but also by national and regional parliaments, authorities and stakeholders.

The Bundesrat supports the Commission's view that a feedback mechanism should be set up to ensure that the ideas expressed at the conference are followed up and implemented.

In the run-up to the conference it is essential to define a certain number of major topics which are based on current priorities of European policy. However, the Bundesrat stresses that it has to be possible to add topics during the course of the event. Furthermore, the Bundesrat expects pre-defined goals of the process and approaches on how these goals will be translated into practice.

The Bundesrat stresses the important role of national parliaments to strengthen the legitimacy of the conference and ensure that the ideas of the conference will reach as many European citizens as possible.

In line with the idea of "active subsidiarity", national parliaments should be involved at an early stage. The Bundesrat therefore asks EU-institutions to ensure that national parliaments are involved in the process of planning and agenda setting for the conference and its steering bodies.

The number of members of national parliaments participating in the conference should be at least equal to the number of participating Members of the European Parliament. In the case of a bicameral system, both chambers must be treated equally and be able to provide the same number of representatives.

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