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Scrutiny date: 12/11/2020

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Committee on the Interior, Public Administration and Local Self-Government discussed the proposal at its 33rd extraordinary meeting of 12 November 2020.

Committee on EU Affairs discussed the proposal again at its 90th meeting of 12 November 2020 and adopted the following Position: 

We believe that the New Pact provides a good basis for negotiations on a common migration policy in the EU, but are also aware that these negotiations will be difficult and extremely demanding, particularly at a time when the EU is seeking to manage the Covid-19 pandemic. The Republic of Slovenia is taking a constructive position in negotiations, striving to assert its interests and achieve the best possible compromise solutions.
The Republic of Slovenia supports the approach where most proposals are considered and adopted together (the ‘package approach’). The solutions contained in individual proposals are, in fact, interrelated and in order to be harmonized they should be considered as a package. However, given the content and scope of individual acts, we are in favour of a more cautious and gradual approach to the adoption of individual acts, also considering the scale of the reform of the asylum and migration system at the EU level.
An exception to such an approach is the proposal for a Regulation on the EU Asylum Agency, which should be adopted as quickly as possible in order to give the Agency the necessary mandate and resources to provide to the Member States the support they already need. Should negotiations show that it is necessary to further strengthen its mandate, a targeted amendment to the Regulation could be drafted whereby such extension would be adopted relatively quickly.

External dimension
We support the comprehensive and balanced approach to migration provided by the Pact, as well as enhanced cooperation with partners at regional and multilateral levels to find common and sustainable solutions to migration management. We support tailor-made partnerships with the countries of origin, transit and destination in all areas (development cooperation, economic policy, visa policy, etc.), but it is also important to ensure their coherence. In particular, cooperation with the countries of origin is needed on return and readmission, where mutual understanding of the situation and respect for commitments are crucial. We support a greater role of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and the European External Action Service.

Management of the EU external borders and pre-entry screening 
As it is important to strengthen the management of the external borders, the idea of screening at the external borders is a good idea in principle. Here, it will be important to precisely define the external borders and to ensure that the process does not trigger any pull factors. In any case, the screening process will need to be complemented with the procedures of return to the countries of origin. Slovenia supports a uniform treatment of third-country nationals at the EU external border, i.e. of those who cross the external border illegally, those who apply for international protection at border crossing when they do not meet entry conditions, or those disembarked after search and rescue operations at sea.
The effective implementation of border procedures (i.e. the provision of protection to those who need it and the rapid return of those who are not entitled to it) will have a major impact on the credibility of the entire system of international protection. It is important to us that these procedures are not limited to the EU external borders and that they are fast, efficient, predictable and feasible.

The Republic of Slovenia supports an appropriate balance between solidarity and responsibility and believes that mandatory relocation and return sponsorship are not the only ways to show solidarity. Return sponsorship should not become a pull factor, and relocation should not become a pillar of the EU migration policy. We support solidarity targeting the Member States that find themselves under disproportionate migratory pressure, whereby the geographical location should automatically justify the use of solidarity measures. It should be based on a voluntary decision of a Member State, taking into account its integration and absorption capacities and the migration situation on its territory that affects such. In addition, a key assumption for Slovenia is that only persons who are very likely in need of protection are relocated. Slovenia also understands solidarity to include other forms of assistance than just relocation and return sponsorship.

Effective returns
We are pleased that the European Commission is paying special attention to effective return policy also in the Pact, as this must be the cornerstone of effective migration policy. We believe that return must become a real EU policy also in practice, with a joint approach and a stronger European dimension. In such regard, we consider it crucial that integration with third countries goes beyond the mere financial assistance and includes other forms of cooperation (both sanctions and incentives), and above all the tendency of the EU to provide better conditions for survival in third countries. The Republic of Slovenia agrees that, with its wide range of proposals for cooperation with third countries, the Pact is moving in the right direction.

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