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Scrutiny date: 22/09/2017

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21/12/2017 | Reply to Bundesrat - COM20170249

22/09/2017 | Scrutiny results - COM20170249

The Bundesrat acknowledges the Commission’s goal to improve the availability of data on graduates’ development in Europe. It ascertains that in many member states, systems to track graduates that are in compliance with data protection laws, already exist. For harmonizing these system on a EU level, the treaties do not offer any legal basis. The Bundesrat proposes for the EU to moderate a procedure during which member states could sight and systemize their various tracking systems, with particular attention to vocational education. Such a voluntary exchange of experiences could be beneficial. However, comparability of different national sets of data needs to be kept in mind. The Bundesrat fears that the creation or expansion of graduate tracking systems will lead to substantial additional administrative burdens, for example by establishing a duty to report on a yearly basis. Therefore, prior to establishing such reporting requirements, it seems mandatory to take stock. Additionally, the Bundesrat stresses the importance to pay close attention to data protection laws. Merging different sets of data on educational, tax and social security information would create a substantial interference with the individuals’ fundamental rights. Furthermore, the Bundesrat notices that the classic function of statistics, combining anonymized data from different sources, cannot be fulfilled by any authority. Key questions are being left unanswered by the proposal. Relevant parameters, e.g. on how the decision will be taken on when to end the pilot phase and start with a more comprehensive data collection, are left open.

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